This is Sundar Madhav’s number.

I check my Whatsapp few times a day.

This number is intended for text messages only.

Please, no audio messages and no calls.

In India, communication is often poor and I speak English poorly.

I use Google Translate,

so, please, ONLY text messages.


NOTE! Manjari Sundari does not use this number. This is connection only with Sundar Madhav. I answer ONLY serious questions. If you have question, please, write it at the beginning of conversation. Often people send "Hello", "Hare Krishna", some photos and expect for an answer. Please, let's not waste each other's time. I block people, who write only "Hi" and wait for response.

Very often people want to meet us in Vrindavan

Very often people want to meet us in Vrindavan. The best place to meet is Harinam near the Parikrama road. We often distribute prasad and do kirtan there. If you want to meet, WhatsApp us and I will provide time/location and our availability.